Resincoat Application Accessory Kit


Resincoat Application Accessory Kit is the ultimate solution for a flawless floor. This comprehensive kit includes all the vital tools required to effortlessly apply our coatings, transforming your surfaces with professional precision. Crafted with excellence in mind, the kit features high-quality nylon rollers, ensuring smooth and even coverage, while the standard floor paint brushes guarantee accurate application.

  • DIY friendly
  • All essential tools included
  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Made in the UK


Resincoat Application Accessory Kit boasts all the essential tools designed to bring professional-quality results to your surfaces. Whether you’re applying sealers or paints, this kit equips you with everything you need for a seamless and flawless application process.

At the heart of this kit are the high-quality nylon rollers, meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled performance. These rollers ensure an even and consistent application of sealers and paints, preventing unsightly streaks or uneven patches that can mar the final finish. The precision-engineered construction of these rollers guarantees a smooth glide and optimal product distribution, allowing you to achieve a uniform coat effortlessly.

Complementing the nylon rollers are the standard floor paint brushes, renowned for their accuracy and versatility. These brushes areĀ  designed to handle a variety of surfaces with ease, ensuring that you can confidently apply sealers and paints with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you’re dealing with corners, edges, or intricate details, these brushes guarantee a controlled and even application, leaving no room for errors.

Kit Includes:

1 X Paint Roller Frame
3 x 12″ Paint Roller Sleeves
3 x Paint Brushes
1 x Paint Scuttle
1 x 5l Mixing Paddle
4 x Disposable Gloves


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